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Photo manipulation

Stay on budget and enlarge your products’ appearances on online platforms.

Making your apparel shine using the Image Mannequin Service or ghost mannequin method is considered the best way to present your apparel products because it improves the product images. It help’s the sellers to make a profit more without using the models. We are providing the creative photo manipulation service is one of the most creative and thought-provoking image editing services that demands not only skill and experience but also the capability of creative thinking in giving an attractive look. This service can be used for press, web shops, magazine cover images, product advertisements, etc. For providing this service, our expert and experienced graphic designers use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and InDesign. But perfect photography may be also necessary before doing creative image manipulation work output. Photo care studio providing world class photo manipulation services. We have expert photo editors who are very creatively disposed of and take great care when performing originative photo manipulation, Our services include photo composting, photo blending, photo morphing, photo mannequin, Ghost mannequin, and creative collage creation, Neck joint, and many more.

Clothing manipulation beforeClothing manipulation after

Photo manipulation Service at an Affordable price.

Our default turnaround time for image edits is 24 hours, but you can opt for a faster turnaround if needed. Not in a rush? Choose a longer turnaround time and get a discount.

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What is Image Manipulation Service?

Using the Image Mannequin Service is the finest technique to show apparel photography. Product images that make your things come alive are crucial to boosting sales. image mannequin service can be utilized to get customers interested in your lifelike items, fashion stores, and clothes dealers. Using live models may be costly, time-consuming, and unreliable. However, mannequins are a smart and one-time purchase. The mannequin service comes in handy when you don’t want to display the mannequin. Your goods will seem lifelike thanks to Mannequin Service, whether you require a full-body mannequin or only one of its necks. Clients will be able to see themselves in your apparel and accessories in the more natural-looking images. By combining two images the Mannequins’ pictures are usually formed. However, this isn’t always the case. In the end, it all relies on the product’s form and cut and how much detailing the mannequin will cover for on photo. There is no need for a mannequin when photographing wristbands and watches but combining shots to eliminate props and handle tricky lighting is always a good idea. With the use of mannequins, product representations look more professional and uniform, increasing customer demand. For the Photoshop Mannequin Effect, “mannequin layer” refers to an object used to represent a particular piece of clothing. We can’t conceive of a business in today’s internet-based society with no online presence. To attract clients worldwide to their online stores, professional clothes photography, high fashion, and the ready-made firm needed this service. In this article, Photo Care Studio will discuss in detail all you need to know about the Image Mannequin service.

Why Choose Photo Care Studio?

Communication is essential to reach the goal. We never let go of our communication

with our clients. You will get instant a response to any feedback or query

Skilled Designers

Our target is to provide the best premium output through our photo editing service. Our designers are well trained to serve you. We never compromise quality for every image.

Affordable price

We always try to provide budget-friendly quotations. If you will place a bulk order, We will make an amazing discount offer that will make you amazed.

Rocket Delivery

Our standard turnaround time is 24 hours. As per your demand, We can deliver your job faster than our standard turnaround with maintaining the quality work

Quality Guarantee

Our experienced professional quality controllers check every file and instruction multiple times to avoid any issues. Maintaining 03 step QC processing, we ensure quality assurance for every image

Details of Image Manipulation Service and sorts

There are several types of service due to the type of the image or for various reasons.

Such as the Clothing manipulation, Product manipulation, Object removal, etc

Mannequin removal beforeMannequin removal after

Clothing manipulation

Clothing photo manipulation service is one of the most creative photo editing services. For this reason, the editor usually searches for novel inspiration sources to innovate new designs catching the eye of customers. The art of clothing manipulation was used in this work as a nontraditional inspiration source to create novel children’s clothes. Cotton fabric was covered to achieve the created designs after dyeing by reactive dye via tie and dye technique. 

Product photo manipulation

You may be wondering why you should edit your product photos at all. If you’ve set up a product photography studio, optimized your camera, and gotten great results, why do you need post-production editing? The answer is that you’re trying to create the best product photos possible. Your online store needs to look 100% professional in every way. Product photo editing is one means of making your business appear to be in the big leagues.

Product photo manipulation beforeProduct photo manipulation after
Object removing beforeObject removing after

Object removing

Taking a perfect picture is great art. You need to imagine vision along with technical skills to capture your moments in the most enticing way. However, often your perfect shots are interrupted by unnecessary objects that do not express your main focus. This is where you can get rid of unwanted objects! We provide the quality object removing service including removal or replacement of unwanted objects, persons, or details from your images to make them look more alluring and attractive. 

Fashion photo manipulation

Fashion photography is a separate style of photography used to display clothing and other fashion items. Fashion photography is also about the strong narration of clothing or accessories that the photo is meant to sell. Fashion photography is most often driven by advertisements or fashion magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, or Elle. From time to time, fashion photography has its own aesthetic in which the clothes and fashions are enhanced by the presence of exotic locations or accessories. 

Fashion photo manipulation beforeFashion photo manipulation after
Background manipulation or change Before_Background manipulation or change after

Background manipulation or change

We can help to create, shape, and manipulate the Background, the area/scenery/space in the distance or that is behind any object, place, or person and which provides the framework for everything we see around us. Allowing them to fully control what creates what they see behind them, including the shapes, features, objects, environments, distances, colors, and everything else that makes up the background up to the dimensional nature or framework of the background itself. 

Mannequin removal

Mannequin removal services or joint neck service or Ghost mannequin, whatever you call it, is one of the newest and most excellent ways of presenting apparel products to the world. Mannequin removal services in photoshop let your apparel product photo editor stand out in the crowd because of its realistic but fantastic appearance.
Mannequin removal services allow the products to retain their original shape, which can improve the professional and consistent look of product images, thereby increasing consumer demand.

Clothing manipulation beforeClothing manipulation after

Photo manipulation Sample

Check out here your specific service-related portfolio images. Click on the “view more” to see all samples

The lack of depth in apparel photography might make your items appear flat, and shoppers want to see how the item would look in real life. However, mannequins may detract from your merchandise in photographs, and live scheduling models can be costly. A mannequin is used to display merchandise, and subsequently. Here’s a peek at the editing process for the mannequin services:
It’s possible to impart natural volume and texture to mannequin clothing that isn’t altered at the neck joint. A mannequin and a mannequin-free photograph of the outfit will be necessary for this step. At Photo Care Studio, we used a clipping path to join the two photos at the neck. Adding genuine volume and texture to mannequins that aren’t modified at the neck joint, such as trousers and hats. To make the apparel and accessories seem even better, we use the mannequin with additional services like color correction and shadow effect.

Using a mannequin created by fusing the inner and outer halves is common. A clipping path was then applied to the front and interior sections by joining them, following which a desktop was removed. When this happens, it’s easy to lose track of what’s going on. Photoshop retouching, color correction, brightness, contrast, sharpness, etc., are used to provide a realistic perspective. At Photo Care Studio, we have a team of highly trained photoshop professionals that use the most sophisticated techniques to give your photographs a 3D effect.

You may relax knowing that our designers go to great lengths to eliminate any distracting elements from your photographs, such as mannequins, hangers, and actual people. Even more so, your consumers will be able to look at photographs from different angles and find them interesting because of their meticulous attention to detail. This is the appropriate spot if you’re looking for mannequin image services. Photo Care Studio has provided image mannequin services for many years with pleasure and satisfaction.

Manipulating mannequin images requires more than a basic understanding of Photoshop. An image decluttering and removal of distracting components are all part of the process of mannequin picture editing. With our mannequin image editing services, you’ll receive images that are sure to pique the interest of your site’s visitors and encourage them to become paying clients.

Neck Joint
Behind the neck is covered by our mannequin picture editing services. Once the logo has been added, we’ll check whether the fabric tones match the underside of the neck and make sure the picture flows smoothly. Solution photographers are particularly in need of neck joint services. It is possible that a business can save time.
The mannequin’s removal leaves a void in the area above the collarbone. Mannequin’s torso, including the throat, was behind it. That’s how terrible neck joint service is. The neck joint necessitates the creation of two distinct sections of a garment, the back, and the front components. Occasionally, they want a piece of it. It’s all done in photoshop with these two pieces. Clipping path, shadows, a boosted border, liquefy, etc., may all be applied. To further enhance the aesthetics of the product image, they use tools like color correction and graphic design.

Bottom Joint
As you can see, the mannequin bottom is used to cover up the inside of the fabric in items with a longer back segment (such as longline shirts and jackets). You may eliminate that oddity by using our product picture enhancement services to add the proper color, tint, or texture to your images without sacrificing their quality.
Sleeve Joint
To ensure that the picture is well-decorated and stylish, it is necessary to attach a hollow appearance and feel to the end of the sleeves while removing the hands of the dummy. We do this for all kinds of sleeves in our mannequin picture editing process.
· Pixel Clipping
Our mannequin picture editing service organization always does pixel clipping on all images. As a result, any exposure difficulties, curves that need to be changed for greater effect, and your product remain in the limelight.
· Background Removal
This might be an issue for businesses that don’t have enough time to create the perfect backdrop for their images. You may also save time and effort by having your mannequin photos edited by someone else. If you take a mannequin shot for your goods, we will modify the dummy and the surroundings to meet your target buyer’s expectations.
· 3d Effects

As soon as the mannequin dummy is removed from the photo, nothing is left but an appealing, 3D appearance surrounding the merchandise. We accomplish this goal by employing 3D picture editing tools and converting regular photos into 360-degree images. As a result of this change, your product now has a concrete example of how it may be useful to the consumer.

Photographers and fashion editors with expertise in cutting-edge transformations and cut-outs may be found at Photo Care Studio. We can expertly edit clothing images taken on transparency or see-through mannequins to display your items effectively. Because the material is so transparent, glare is a common problem that detracts from the overall image quality. Both wire mannequins and more expensive mannequins are handled by our product image improvement services simultaneously. Using the 3D floating approach, we also edit high-end clothes to show their entire intricacies and hues.

An established process is used by Photo Care Studio when it comes to ghost mannequin picture editing, one that has been tested and refined to meet the needs of all our clients. One of the reasons we’re regarded as a top provider of ghost mannequin picture editing services is that we’ve worked with clients from all over the world. As a result, we now have the knowledge and expertise necessary to anticipate your needs, communicate openly, and deliver on time.
· Analysis Of Requirements
Mannequin picture editing services begin with a comprehensive analysis of the client’s needs. It gives us a better idea of your expectations for the product and the goals you’d like to achieve.
· Image Processing In Bulk
You send us an encrypted collection of photographs after the requirements analysis process is complete. Our mannequin picture editing services begin with cleaning and processing the images in this stack.
· Production And Mannequin Photo Editing
Mannequin product picture enhancing services are applied to all images. In addition to the rotation, background editing and editing of clips, and cutting of joints and junctions, you can also add 3D effects.
● · QA And Delivery
As a result of outsourcing mannequin picture improvement services to the Photo Care Studio team, we guarantee the best results through a constant cycle of quality analysis before completing the final delivery via encrypted data transmission. This mannequin picture editing procedure is straightforward, but it generates a rhythm that incorporates examination at every stage. When you use our mannequin image services wider, you can rest certain that they will be of the highest quality, secure, and flawless.
Photo Care Studio might be an excellent alternative for a mannequin service that genuinely drives the business. You can count on us to deliver the highest quality products and services, as well as a dedication to your complete satisfaction. See how we differ from the competition and why you shouldn’t hesitate to use our mannequin services in the future.
Our customers can focus on the most important things to them when they outsource clipping path services. While we update their content, they may close additional transactions and build stronger relationships with their customers while enabling us to focus on other aspects of their business. In addition, we help photographers offer a higher level of service to their clients! With shorter turnaround times and higher production quality, photographers can better manage their professional and personal lives while still earning more money.

E-commerce businesses must use invisible mannequin services. No e-commerce clothing goods are ever sold without the assistance of an invisible mannequin. The invisible mannequin is a must-have when it comes to online clothing sales. Using an invisible mannequin service is the first step in keeping your merchandise in the best possible shape. Mannequins make your merchandise seem more appealing and lifelike.
Mannequins are not the best choice for product shots. Your items will be less appealing to buyers if you do not use mannequins to photograph them. Customers expect to be able to see 3D models of clothing goods. This allows buyers to make their judgments about a product in 3D format. They’ll be able to see what the final product will look like from various perspectives because Ghost Mannequin Service helps you, online goods dealers, in this area. Fortunately.

At Photo Care Studio, Image Mannequin is a popular service. We hope that the preceding information was useful to you. Photo Care Studio aims to meet the deadlines of all our customers. A group of 50 skilled Graphic Designers oversees the editing process. They can handle a wide range of projects. Staff at the Photo Care Studio are instructed to perform both day and night shifts to guarantee continuous production.
All finished projects are subjected to a quality check before delivering to our clients. In most cases, Photo Care Studio replies to consumer queries swiftly. An email response takes, on average, roughly ten minutes to complete. To maintain the privacy of our clients, all client information is treated with the utmost care at Photo Care Studio. Product images that are well-balanced in terms of color can assist product sellers in spruce up their online stores. You won’t have to wait long for your product photos to be taken. You can contact our staff of color-changing designers whenever you want.
The objective of our experienced graphic design team is to build a long-term working relationship with you by providing service that meets your complete pleasure. For all of our services, we focus on the following two factors. It doesn’t matter how big or how important your project is or how tough it is; we can handle it with the utmost professionalism.